Chapter One: Collision

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Chapter One: Collision

Bella POV:

“Don’t slip.” I thought as I gritted my teeth and continued to run, “Today is not the day to be clumsy.”

I was running in the slick streets of New York between the masses of people crowded in the very heart of the city. I kept looking back and to see flashes of bronze hair coming closer. I turned and pushed myself to go faster while avoiding bumping into the many people in my way.

“The irony, a month ago I was running toward that bronze hair Adonis and now I’m running away.” I chuckled darkly to myself thinking how the situation was eerily similar.

Why am I running away from the vampire that I supposedly love? Well glad you asked because you see the day we returned from the disastrous event in Italy he asked me to marry him. A girls dream come true right? Well that would be wrong, since Edward being the fuckward he is decided he called the shots. I later found out that he wasn’t really planning to change me. All I was to him and his so-called “family” was a walking and talking blood bag. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

So I hightailed out of Forks leaving everything I knew and took a plane ticket to anywhere. I was avoiding having decisions when I boarded the plane to the Big Apple so the psycho Alice couldn’t see me. I thought it would be the best place to hide since there are millions of people living here, but I supposed I was wrong since now I’m being chased by my hell bent ex vampire boyfriend.

“ISABELLA!” He yelled exasperated causing many heads to turn toward him. Good make a scene you douche so I have better chances of escaping while you keep your vampire identity a secret.

“It’s Bella you fucktard!” I yelled back without looking back. I grinned at my use at crude language. It sent a thrill to be able to talk in such a way to the Victorian prude. I guess I never did before because I was blindly following him. I gave in to his archaic mannerisms and become a shell of myself letting him control me.

“Well not anymore” I thought with delight.

I looked up noticing I was gaining some ground getting nearer to the big screens in the middle of Times Square. That meant that the already crowded streets grew bigger in size giving me more of an advantage of blending in and losing him.

I veered right into the street not having a care in the world if a car hit me or not. That’s when I ran into something hard and fell backwards painfully. I slammed into the grimy concrete and felt stabs of pain go up my back.

“Well shit,” I thought sourly as I lay sprawled on the ground temporary stunned, “I did get hit by a car. May I die peacefully then, I guess.”

A hand shot out and grabbed me pulling me into his chest. I stumbled into something hard once again and realized that it was random strangers firm muscles that I ran into and not a car. I blushed fiercely before looking up to apologize. I stopped short when I heard tires screeching as black SUV’s stopped all around us and my eyes widened as man with an eye patch stepped out of one of the cars. I was pulled behind the mystery man protectively and out of reach of the several-armed men that exited the cars.

“At ease soldier!” The man commanded while walking toward us, and the man tensed up considerably in front of me. “Look I’m sorry about that little show back there, but we thought it would be best if we break it to you slowly.”

“What show?” I thought as I looked up to the man’s face for the first time. He looked confused as well and what did they mean by breaking it to him slowly?

The man must of thought the same thing as he looked even more puzzled as he asked, “Break what?”

There was a small pause before he replied, “You have been asleep Cap, for almost seventy years.”
I was astonished looking up to the man up with shock. I studied his face closely looking for any signs of age and coming up blank. He had bright blue eyes, blonde hair, a muscled build, and appeared not that much older than me. I also guessed that by the way the eye patch said Cap that he was a captain in the army. He certainly was attractive for a human man,

Why does this sound so familiar? It’s like I heard this story before when it struck me. This was THE Captain America standing before me protecting me while many scary looking men surrounded us with guns pointing at us. I looked around frantically looking for Edward before finding him behind the growing spectators who have gathered before the incident. He was hiding for now, but who knew for how much longer.

My frantic movements however caught the attention of the very serious looking man. All this time standing here and he hasn’t noticed me until now? Well, I was hiding behind a very large and fine specimen of a man. His body was three times bigger full of muscle than my diminutive physique. He narrowed his one eye at me before addressing me.

“Now I don’t think you were supposed to hear all that,” He said in a stern voice, “I must ask you to forget this ever happened and leave, or something will happen that you might regret.”

Panic washed over me and I grabbed on the Captains arms tightly making him wince at the sudden contact. Hysteria started to bubble up in me as I cried out a resounding, “NO!”

The man quirked his eyebrow at me, “Oh? Please tell me to why I should allow you to stay.”

I gulped as I said quietly, “ I’m being chased.”

“That is not my problem. Call the NYPD.” He said before turning away.

No, I couldn’t let them go at all. If I had a chance of getting away from the grips of Edward and his family, I needed Captain America to save me. Without them I could become dead, or worse a blood bag. I didn’t want either of those things so I had to tell the truth, Volturi be damned.

“Not by humans!” I yelled desperately. That got his attention as he turned back to me. The Captain suddenly whipped his head around and looked into my panicked eyes.

“If not humans, then what is chasing you?” eye patch questioned.

I drew in a breath before answering, “Vampires.”

I held onto that breath as the man contemplated what I said. My whole body tense and ready to spring into action if need be as I silently prayed that this man believed me. Suddenly he broke out into a small smile.

“Well Miss,” He said as he stared me down, “I’m Nick Fury and I need to ask you to come with me.”

Before I could say anything else he turned around swiftly and called to his men to escort the Captain and me back to Shield. I let out the breath I was holding. I looked to where Edward was last standing not seeing his bronze hair or enraged face as I climbed into the SUV. I was safe as I took the seat next to the Captain and relaxed slightly.

For now at least.

Captain/Steve POV:

Everything has been a blur and confusing since I have woken up. I acted upon my instinct and ran from the building I was held captive in and found myself in a strange new city. No, the bones were the same just that the appearance has changed drastically. In my confusion, I collided with a woman effectively making her fall backwards into the ground. Still having my manners I quickly helped up before quickly shielding her with my body when several cars with armed men had showed. I had no time to get her to safely so I kept her hidden.

Her ragged breaths told me she was in some state of distress and in the corner of my eye I saw her frantically look around like she was in sort of danger. I had little time to ponder as a man with an eye patch told me I have been asleep for seventy years. I felt dread as realization came over me. I promised a date with Peggy and now I’ve woken up seventy years later with no clue if she was alive and well.

The man stopped taking notice of me when he finally saw the girl behind me. I apparently hid her small frame well if he now was just seeing her. As he told her to leave she clenched onto my arms suddenly surprising me and causing me to wince.

Suddenly the small girl protested loudly that she was being followed. When she abruptly said it was not by humans, but by vampires when he ignored her pleas that’s when I spun my head around to look at her fully.

She was telling the truth because I looked into her eyes all I saw was fear and edginess to them. She was currently in fight or flight mode, her posture coiled to spring if she had the chance to run. She is risking herself by asking for this mans help, hoping that we will protect her. Even though her eyes shone true, I questioned if there was such a thing as vampires. Weren’t they just a myth?

The man in front of me accepted what she had to say and told her that she was coming also. I looked at the man closely and saw that he looked troubled as we climbed into the car. The girl was looking to where she ran from and easing after a short second. Who ever followed her must have been close and ran off when he saw what she was in the middle of.

I studied her closely as she looked out of the window as we travelled. She was petite, had brown hair and eyes, was unnaturally skinny, and had bags under her eyes like she hasn’t slept well in a long time. She looked lost and almost completely given up on the outside, but in her eyes there was a fire that was determined to win.

“So,” I started awkwardly, “may I ask you what your name is?”
She turned her head and gave me a soft smile, “It’s Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella.”

“It’s nice to meet you Bella. I’m Steve Rogers.” I gave her hand to shake. She chuckled and took it.

“Oh, I know who you are Mr. Rogers,” She blushed bashfully, “It’s an honor to meet you. Also thanks for saving me back there.”

I was shocked to hear her talk like she knew of me. I coughed as a blush also rose and said, “It was no problem. Also just call me Steve, Bella.”

“Nonetheless, you saved me from running even further Steve,” She joked, “I’m not much of a runner and I was trying to escape for what seemed like an eternity when I bumped into you. Now I’m grateful for my clumsiness.”

I laughed, “Glad to be of service then.”

“No offense though, but I thought I got hit by a car at first. Those muscles of your seem very firm.” As soon as the words came out she blushed again. I stared as she quickly hid her face in her hair in embarrassment. I was about to say something else when Fury interrupted me.

“Well if you two are done flirting, we just arrived at Shield and need to debrief.” He smirked as he climbed out of the car. I followed suit, thoroughly embarrassed myself.

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A clash of thunder rumbled over Paris adding to the ominous feeling in the air. Two superheroes were facing each other on top of a rooftop. Ladybug, the red masked heroine could barely see as tears clouded her eyes. Chat Noir tries to reach out, only for her to flinch away from his touch.

“Mi’lady.” Chat says brokenly.

“No Chat!” Ladybug barks, “I am not your lady! I am nothing to you!”

“You can’t mean that.” Chat whispers gently trying to calm her down, “I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done to hurt yo-.

Ladybug chuckles venomously, “You’re SORRY? After all you have done to me?”

“B-but I love you! I would NEVER hurt you.” Chat pleads.

“You claim to love me, even the girl behind the mask, but we all know that’s a lie.” Ladybug sneers. “Isn’t that right Adrien?”


A week ago:

Marinette groaned as she ran into the classroom as the bell rung. She barely made it in time for class today! She ran up the stairs and took her seat before the teacher commented.

‘If only the akuma didn’t keep me up so late last night!’ She huffed internally.

She started to reflect on what was the reasoning behind the latest victim. Wallflower was an akuma that could stick you to a wall and make everyone forget you even existed. Hardly a capable villain by any means, but it became a problem when Chat got struck and Ladybug forgot his existence.

‘It was a little more difficult without Chaton helping me, but I managed.’ Marinette felt bad for the girl who was akumatized though. Her friends forgot her after she was rejected by her love and they sided with him leaving her behind. ‘I hope that never happens to me.’

Her eyes drifted to the seat in front of her to Adrien Agreste. She wondered if she would have the same reaction if he rejected her.

‘No.’ Marinette thought stubbornly, ‘I’m a lot stronger than that!’

“Psst.” Alya caught her attention and slid her a note. Marinette looked up to see the teacher with her back turned and discreetly took the note and opened it.

Girl! It’s the Day! Remember you promised to tell Sunshine Boy how you feel!

Marinette blushed as she closed the note. She totally forgot about that today! She had made a promise to Alya after their sleepover last week that she had a limited amount of time before Alya meddled with it. Apparently, she was becoming irritated with the lack of progress with her “ship.”

“Marinette?” A voice said politely. It snapped her out of her musings as she realized it was Adrien speaking to her.

“Huh?” She said confusedly, “S-Sorry! I was thinking of yo-no! Thinking of things and I s-spaced out!”

“Oh! That’s okay! I was just asking if you and Alya wanted to go to the movies with Nino and I after school!” Adrien repeated, “ They are showing the new feature dedicated to Ladybug and Chat Noir!”

Alya swung her arm around Marinette’s shoulders, “We would love to! Isn’t that right girl!”

Marinette nodded quickly, “S-sure! I can’t wait!”

“Dude! This will be so awesome! I hear they…” Nino rambled on, but Marinette wasn’t listening. The gears in her head were working as she thought of a plan.

‘I have to tell Adrien after the movie tonight!’

After School:

The movie theater was packed to the brim of fans of the superhero duo, which was expected. They were beloved by all citizens of Paris, well minus Hawkmoth of course.

‘Wow! We are so lucky to even get tickets!” Alya exclaimed! Marinette just chuckled in agreement fully aware that it had to be the power of luck coming from the tiny god resting in her small purse.

‘It probably helps the girl behind the ticket counter was fan girling over my bro here.” Nino laughed as he poked Adrien.

Adrien just blushed, “It wouldn’t surprise me. A lot of girls do that and I don’t like it.” He mumbled.

“There most be a girl out there that would genuinely have a crush on you though!” Alya persisted as she munched on her popcorn.

“I don’t know,” Adrien said earnestly, “I haven’t noticed anyone.”

Three teens looked at each other secretly and shared the same thought ‘if you only knew.’

The lights dimmed at that moment so the teenagers quickly quieted down. As the movie played Marinette couldn’t help, but think of what Adrien said.

‘How could he not know I like him?’ She thought as she glanced at him. His green eyes were shining with excitement as the actors reenacted the scene that her and Chaton first met. ‘I thought it was previous obvious. I guess not.’

As the movie ended, cheers erupted across the theater. Marinette smiled widely as warmth filled her as the people around her praised the movie. This part of being a hero was always satisfying to see how happy the people were. She loved helping them out.

“You seemed to like it Marinette!” Adrien said.

“Of c-course! What’s not to like about our cities heroes?” Marinette said with conviction.

“The ladybug actress did a spot on impression!” Adrien joked. Marinette just deadpanned as she thought of Chat.

“You are damn right about that!” Alya interjected as the walked out of the theater doors, “Plus it was awesome that I was mentioned!!”

Marinette giggled, “Well, we can’t forget the greatest reporter of the Ladyblog!”

Nino cleared his throat, “Well, since Alya and I live this way I’ll walk her home!”

“Okay! I’ll just walk with Marinette then! See you tomorrow!” Adrien waved as he pulled Marinette along. Alya just winked and Nino gave her a thumbs up before walking away.

“T-thank you for walking with me.” Marinette said softly as they walked down the sidewalk.

“It’s no problem! We don’t get a lot of time just to hang out just the two of us anyways!” Adrien pointed out.

‘This is my chance! I have to tell him now before I chicken out!’

Marinette took a large breath in before starting, “Hey Adrien….”



Revelations (Part Two)

Chapter Seven

Revelations (Part Two)

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Steve POV:

I saw the mix of emotions flickering across Bella’s face as Director Fury told her the news of her parent’s. Her hand was starting to get cold and clammy as I held it.

“Bella,” I said gently. She looked at me and her eyes were shining with tears yet to fall. I gulped feeling bad for her. This was horrible news to learn.

“Oh sweetie,” Natasha said as she rose from her chair to give her a reassuring hug.

“H-How?” Bella choked, “How can this be possible? This is insane!”

“Miss Swan,” Director Fury continued, “We did learn who your biological father was.”

Bella stiffened immediately at the information, “Who is it?”

“I am,” Stark said solemnly, “I’m your biological father Kitten.”

Bella looked at him in disbelief as she processed the information. No wonder he was strangely silent when Bella received the news. The amusement that shone in his eyes was replaced with concern. He was worried, rightfully so. I pondered how long he knew about this development?

“That is the reason I’m here today,” He said quietly, “I just learned myself last night.”

“Who is my mother?” Bella asked weakly.

“A girl that went to my college. We had a short relationship that ended abruptly,” he chuckled darkly, “now I understand why.”

“What do you mean Stark?” Natasha questioned.

“I never knew she was pregnant. My father…” Stark scowled in distaste, “paid her to keep it secret. She was beautiful Kitten, just like you. You look more like her. The heart shaped face, the big doe-like brown eyes, and porcelain skin. Her name was Nicole and she was so intelligent and funny. You would have loved her Kitten.”

“We found files that suggested that Howard also took you to a secret lab in Upstate New York as soon as you were born. There you were kept until age two and tested on. That’s when we believe that the serum entered your system.”

Bella was trembling, “So your saying that my real Grandfather had me tested on like some lab rat?!”

“If it helps Kitten,” Stark started, “I’m just as mad as y-.”

“No!” Bella snapped rising out of her chair quickly and letting go of my hand, “This isn’t right! How could h-he do this to me!”

I rose quickly to try to calm her down, but a foot away from her I was blocked by an invisible force. My eyes widened as I realized this was the shield that we theorized she could use.

“Bella,” I said urgently being pushed back further from the force, “You need to breathe and calm down. You are manifesting your ability and you may hurt someone.”

Bella gasped, “I didn’t even realize, but I-I don’t know how to stop it.”

“It’s okay sweetie,” Natasha reassured, “Just breathe and try to calm yourself down.”

Bella nodded and closed her eyes. She started breathing deeply and I could see a slight shining to something that looked elastic, but thick gather back into her body. I inched closer as it she settled and I was finally able to reach out and touch her. Before, I could her eyes rolled back and she started to collapse. I lunged and caught her before she hit the floor.

“I think this meeting is over,” I said in a commanding tone as I cradled Bella.

“Yes, this was far too much information in one sitting for her,” Natasha said bitingly at Director Fury, “She isn’t one of your spies Fury. You should be a little more sympathetic when sharing the news with her.”

Director Fury looked taken aback that his Top Agent had the nerve to reprimand him. He nodded slowly taking it into consideration, “Very well. Take her home and make sure she, um, gets some rest.”

I didn’t need to be told twice as I picked her up gently and headed for the door. Natasha and Stark followed me out both looking troubled about her state. We soundlessly made it back to the car outside and never said a word as I put her in the car and strapped her in.

“You think she is okay?” Stark asked breaking the silence.

“She should be fine,” I said looking at her breathing evenly in the backseat, “I think she over exerted herself pushing that out combined with all the alarming news.”

Stark nodded as he reached into his pocket, “When she wakes up and feels better give her this okay? She can call me and we can have lunch together or something.”

I looked down at the small business card he handed me and smiled, “She would appreciate that.”



Bella POV:

I groaned as I opened my eyes my head pounding like I was hung-over. I looked at the clock and was surprised that it was already four in the afternoon. That was a big time lapse from it being ten in the morning.

What caused this God awful headache?” I wondered as I stumbled out of bed. Not so luckily, my clumsiness decided to make an appearance again as I got twisted in the sheets and promptly fell on my face.

“Ow,” I whined, “Haven’t done that in awhile! I was getting so used to being graceful too!”

The door slammed open to reveal a frantic looking Steve rushing in, “Are you okay!?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I reassured. Steve didn’t look entirely convinced though. He suddenly lurched forward pulling me into a hug. I instantly blushed at the sudden contact.

“I was worried about you.” Steve said placing a kiss on my head.

“I told you I’m fine,” I murmured into his shoulder. The result was an even tighter hug.

“You didn’t see how you collapsed though,” Steve explained, “We were all so worried.”

I nodded in understanding, “I don’t remember some of it, but I felt scared, angry, and confused mostly.”

“It must’ve triggered your power,” he reasoned letting me go and helping me up. I followed him to the kitchen and open the fridge door grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. I grabbed an Advil and popped it back as I sat down at the barstools.

“Makes sense,” I mumbled, “Everything seems to be triggered based on my emotions.”

“That was a lot to take in yesterday. They should have been more thoughtful of that.” Steve murmured, “If it weren’t for Romanoff and I, you probably would of done some serious damage.”

“I didn’t even realize it was happening. It felt so natural.” I confessed, “I-I think I’ve used it before without knowing too.”

Steve’s eyes widened, “When?”

“I think it was when James attacked me. He stopped a couple feet ahead of me and for a second I thought I saw frustration. It was confusing then, but knowing what I can do now…” I trailed off.

“So you have instinctively protected yourself from danger,” Steve mused.

“It didn’t last long because he finally was able to get ahold of me. That’s why I wasn’t so sure what happened. It made no sense to me at the time.”

“Just theorizing here, but maybe that you are aware that you have this power it has grown stronger?” Steve questioned.

“Possibly,” I groaned taking my head in my hands. This headache can be gone already! “I’m done talking about it right now. I’m starving right now.”

In reply my stomach growled. Steve’s eyebrow quirked up as he smirled, “I can hear that,” He joked.

“Yeah, so I don’t feel like cooking, let’s go out.” I said grabbing a sweater and threw on some tennis shoes. I didn’t bother getting out of my sweat pants that I wore for bed.

“Let’s call Mr. Stark,” I paused at Steve’s suggestion, “He would love to get to know you more. He left his card for you to call.”

I sighed, “Fine, let’s call him. We should hurry though, I don’t think I can wait any longer.


Ring of Fire Summary

Sequel and continuation of Amorous Seizing:

Bella wakes up to her new life as a vampire weary of Jasper. Can she learn to trust him? What secrets does he hide from her?


A/N: I’m so excited to announce this. I was asked to continue my story from the Halloween contest this year. I have a rough idea where to go with this and I will work on a real chapter soon.

Chapter Six: Revelations Part 1

Chapter Six

A/N: Another chapter so quickly! I’m shocked myself honestly. I typed this in a couple hours. I was on a roll and have a pretty good idea where this is heading! 


Bella POV:

Breathe.” I thought as we entered the building masquerading the main headquarters. Entering the stairway I could feel my stomach twisting more at the thought of receiving my test results. Why was it so important to wake up at the crack of dawn for a couple tests?

I sighed as Steve, Natasha, and I entered the elevator. The doors closed and latched on the nearest bar ready to be thrown again. Instead of the rapid downward movement a song played over the speakers.

Living easy, living free

Season ticket on a one-way ride

Asking nothing, leave me be

Taking everything in my stride

Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme

Ain’t nothing I would rather do

Going down, party time

My friends are gonna be there too

I’m on the highway to hell

On the highway to hell

Highway to hell

I’m on the highway to hell

Natasha groaned, “Stark! It’s too early for his shenanigans!”

I looked at Steve who looked as confused as I was, “Stark? As in Tony Stark?”
“Yes,” Natasha bit out angrily, “He must have hacked our systems again! If you are watching Stark this is not funny!”

I beg to differ,” a gloating voice came over the speaker. I glared at the camera in the top corner.

“I have things to do so stop screwing around!” I pointed at the screen angrily. I was not in the mood for this. I didn’t even get to have coffee this morning and I’m far too tired to deal with his pranks. I couldn’t get back to sleep last night to save my life far too nervous to sleep.

Ooh. Kitten has claws!” He laughed joyfully, “Okay kitty. I’ll see you later then!”

The elevator dinged and quickly lurched downward. I didn’t have time to grab on a bar again, so I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the impact.

Except the impact never came. I opened my eyes and could see Natasha and Steve gaping at me. I felt the elevator moving at the same speed as last time, but I still had my center of balance.

“Weird,” Steve said, “You couldn’t stay rooted the last time.”

“Now can you see what I’ve been saying?” Natasha glared at Steve. Wait, they been talking to each other about me? I blushed and wondered what they had said, “She is growing stronger quickly! That’s why I had the tests ordered.”

“Of course,” I thought, “It would make sense that they would want to see what is wrong with me suddenly.

The elevator made a dinging noise snapping me out of my thoughts. I obediently followed Natasha. My nerves were coming back and I started to wring my hands. Steve took noticed and pulled one apart and held it. I blushed, but calmed down immediately.

“It’s going to be okay,” He said quietly, “I’m right here till the end of the line.”

I smiled at his kindness, “Thank you Steve.”

He just smiled in return. Natasha quickly glanced back at us and her eyes travelled down to our hands. She only smirked before turning her attention back to where we were going.

Natasha led us down the same hallway where I had my original meeting with Eye Patch. We entered a different room, however, that had a long table. I wondered if this was a conference room for important meetings. I gulped at the thought musing on why I might be so important to warrant a large meeting space.

“Good morning sir,” Natasha said politely to Eye Patch who was sitting in the forefront.

“Romanoff,” He nodded curtly, “Are you aware that Stark hacked the elevator systems again?”

“I’m well aware sir,” Natasha gritted her hands balling into fists. It was clear that she was not happy.

“Is there a reason why he chose Highway to Hell Eye patch?” I joked trying to lighten the tension that was thick in the room.

“No idea what goes on through that man’s insane mind.” Eye patch grumbled.

“Oh! You wound me so!” A voice said in the doorway, “I thought I had a genius mind all this time!”

Tony Stark stood in the doorway with a hand over his heart like he was wounded. I noticed that he isn’t as young as the new sources portrayed him to be. He had slight salt and pepper hair and some age lines littering his face. However, his energy was matching to something matching to someone my age. He was smirking like a younger man and amusement twinkled in his eyes.

“Kitten, it’s nice to meet you.” He glided over easily taking my free hand before kissing my knuckles.

“Don’t make me hiss,” I deadpanned, pulling my hand loose from his grasp. His energy is contagious, but I was trying not to let him affect me. He pulled back slightly not looking the least bit hurt by my rejection. He just winked before turning his attention back to Eye Patch.

“Now! I heard through the grapevine that this young lady had some tests done!”
Natasha stepped forward, “Hacking our systems again Stark?”
“Why, yes!” He exclaimed joyfully, “How else would I get the juicy gossip around here! No one tells me anything!”

“Glad that I concealed some information even you can’t get to Stark,” Eye patch glared using one eye, “You may all want to sit for this.”

We all sat at the table. Steve sat down next to me, continuing to hold my hand. He was using his thumb and rubbing it in circles trying to soothe me. I caught Stark’s eye from across the table. His eyes locked on our intertwined hands before smiling widely. He took his hands and made a quick heart shape. I blushed turning my attention to Eye Patch, but didn’t let go of Steve.

“As you are all aware Miss Swan had tests done yesterday.” Eye Patch started with a commanding tone. He meant business and everyone knew it. Stark even straightened his posture and transitioned in serious mode, “Now, we are holding this meeting to go over the tests and what conclusive evidence we have found in them.”

Eye Patch paused, “Miss Swan? Are you aware that you have a multitude of chemicals inside your body and vampire venom?”
I was shocked. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Venom in my body, but how? That was impossible! HE sucked it all out before it changed me!

“N-No,” I stammered.

“Well according to our tests you have a variant string of chemicals that was lying dormant within you. This chemical was nearly identical to the serum used on Mr. Rogers.”

“So are you saying that I’m a Super Soldier now?” I said weakly. How could this be possible?

“Yes and no,” Eye Patch answered, “You hold some of the same abilities like Mr. Rogers here like enhanced strength, speed, agility, and a slower age process, but we believe yours was activated and mixed with the venom when you were bit.”

“So when the nomad vampire bit me-“ I started.

“It activated a chemical that we have reason to believe was in your system since you were a child.”

“So the rapid changes were from this chemical infused in her body?” Natasha questioned. I frowned at the implication. That would make sense to why suddenly I was a lot more graceful. It also explained why I was able to get away from Edward easily.

“Yes that is why we have seen her abilities that contradict her past history.” Eye Patch confirmed.

“That doesn’t make sense though!” I said suddenly, “I’ve been bitten for more than a year! Why has it just now manifested?”

“Adrenaline and danger.” Stark interrupted, “The process may have been slow at first, but as soon as your life was in danger your adrenaline kicked up the process.”

“Exactly,” Eye Patch nodded in agreement, “ when you running from the Cullen Coven your body instincts sped up the process. All underlying instincts you had were magnified.”

“This would also explain how you felt no pain the other night,” Steve reminded me.

“What happened?” Stark questioned.

“He threw me into a wall by accident.” I said blankly still trying to process the information.

“That’s why there was a hole in the bedroom wall,” Natasha mused, “I doubt that I would even walk out of that without a few bruises myself.”

“I wonder if Kitten here will have powers,” Stark chuckled. I rose my eyebrows, I never even thought of that!

“Will I?” I said uneasily. Not that I would mind, but the thought of me having powers was something I never dreamed of.

“We believe you already did to some extent.” Eye Patch explained, “You see as we did the cognitive tests it was difficult to get a read on you. It was like a barrier around your mind blocked us from getting an accurate read.”

“Do you think this can be used?” Steve probed.

“We seem to believe so. With more training we think she will be able to extend it past her mind and use it as a shield of some sort, but that can’t be proven until we worked with her. She would be a powerful asset to SHIELD.”

At that mention, there was a slight uproar between the four of them. Natasha was pleased that I was strong and stated she would love to have me on her team. Stark was joyful at the thought that I may be powerful and couldn’t wait to research. Steve, however, was upset. He was squeezing my hand hard and adamantly ranting against the idea for my safety. I sat there quietly as everyone argued back and forth about me.

Eye Patch coughed loudly. gathering our attention back to him, “There was something else we found while looking at both the tests and your files.”
“What is that?” I said curiously grateful for the intervention.

“Are you also aware that Charlie Swan and Renee Dwyer are not your biological parents?”
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Ring of Fire: Prologue



I was burning throughout my body as I felt the flames flickered inside my body. Screams tore from my lips and I plead to make it stop, but it was never answered. It engulfed everything gradually making its way to the center to my body. No, it was going straight for my heart.

My scattered thoughts were shrieking in agony from the painful licks of flames. I wished for death over this dreadful fire. How long has it been since it started? Days? Months? Years? It seemed never ending.

“It’s gunna be alright darlin’.” A thick Southern accent soothed me. How I wish the voice could save me from this torture.

“You’re nearly done.” He assured quietly. He murmured something else he I couldn’t hear because at that moment my heart seized in pain.

The flames reached my heart engulfing it swiftly. It started to pump and rage in agony. My screams grew louder as my heart pumped wildly. Then as sudden as it came, it stilled.

“Darlin’.” The voice said softly, “It’s over.”

My eyes snapped open revealing the Angel of my Death himself looking over me.



Chapter Five: Fighting Spirit

Chapter Five

Fighting Spirit

A/N: First off, I want to apologize for the longest wait ever for this. For the life of me I changed this a million times because it seems writing action is not my forte. So what did I do? Watch lots, and I mean LOTS, of videos and clips of fighting scenes. Hopefully this is good because this is the best version I came up with.

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Natasha POV:

“Run until you can’t run no more!” I yelled viciously as Bella huffed around the indoor track in SHEILD Headquarters training room. I watched as Bella jogged in a good pace as she kept the time. She has been running nearly an hour now, which given her history was surprising. I quickly spied into her file that SHIELD compiled quickly. Bella had a long list of hospital visits over the years since she was a small child. Most of them were blamed on her clumsiness that seemed to haunt her.

‘If she is so clumsy how did she get away from a vampire?’ I wondered quietly, “Also she hasn’t even showed a hint of it since she started running.’

Bella suddenly stopped and gave Natasha a glare. I quickly snapped out of it and glared back holding back not to seem too cold.

“Well? Can you not run anymore?” She said sassily as Bella went to grab her water bottle.

“I can,” Bella said with just as much sass as she unscrewed the cap, “I just don’t want to waste time running anymore.”

I was taken aback from the sass that Bella displayed. No one ever went against my orders like that before. Bella looked calm and collected as she took slow gulps from her water bottle.

“Well then what do you want to do?” I asked carefully. Bella just shrugged.

“I don’t know. Combat?” She said as she gotten into a goofy stance and mocked me, “Come at me Sensei!”

She wasted no time doing so. In a flash she closed in on Bella going in for the attack. Deciding to be straightforward and do a punch to the face she swung forward. I saw a Bella’s arm shoot up a fraction faster than me. My eyes widened as she grabbed hold of my arm, twisted me forcing me to turn my body. Suddenly, I felt a harsh kick to my legs that made me lurch forward and fall to the ground. I quickly rolled away as Bella tried to pin me down.

“Not so bad Bella,” I said breathily as I gotten up. She just smirked as she made a move toward me. She started to swing her fist at me and I raised my hands to block it. I pushed her back and tried to do a rounding kick. She ducked and ran at me tackling me. I landed again on the ground with my arm pinned behind me.

“I give!” I said to be released. How is this possible that some girl with no training was able to one up me? I guess I took her for granted, but this was a lot more than I expected. Bella helped me up quietly with a smug look on her face.

“How did you do that?” I said angrily. Bella’s smug demeanor dropped rapidly and was replaced by a confused look.

“I really don’t know,” She said, “It just felt like I knew what to do seconds before it actually happened.”

“So you weren’t lying when you had no training,” remembering the conversation that we had the day prior. One moment she was a grumbling mess and seconds later a killing machine, “So it was like a switch was turned on?”

Bella thought for a moment before answering, “Yes, it was. I don’t know where half of that came from. It sure would have been nice when I was facing James.”

“Who is James?” I asked curiously.

“He was a nomad vampire that I faced off with when I first met the Cullens,” She flinched as she showed me her arm, “He was a gifted tracker and I was his prey. He tricked me into facing me and bit me here.”

On her wrist was a barely visible bite mark. It sparkled under the light slightly as she moved it.

“May I touch it?” She nodded quietly. I took a finger and ran it across the mark. It was freezing compared to the rest of her body. I pressed down and it felt hard, almost like stone.

“How long ago did this occur?” I said strictly.

“About a year and a half ago?” Bella said as she sneered her face in disgust,” He bit me and injected venom into my system. The Cullens found me in the process of changing, but he didn’t want me to become one. So he sucked the venom out of my bloodstream. At the time I thought it was to save me, but now I know it was only for my blood.”

“I think,” I said hesitantly, “that we should do some kind of blood work and tests in the labs. I want to know what your body is doing.”



Bella POV

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay,” I chanted to myself quietly as my blood was being drawn. I tried my hardest not to smell it, but my nose was too sensitive and I could catch small hints. I was clammy and sweating slightly, thanking silently that this was the last test. Natasha looked concerned for my well-being.

“Do you not like needles?” She questioned.

“No,” I gasped as finally the lab nurse finished and took away the blood, murmuring the test would be finished later that day, “ I can smell the blood. It makes me sick.”

Natasha’s eyebrows shot up at the declaration, “Humans shouldn’t be able to smell blood.”

“You are not the first to say that. Believe it when I say it smells rusty.” I scoffed.

“I’m starting to think you are more interesting than just being a vampires snack.” Natasha quipped. Laying down I waited for the nauseous feeling to subside not bothering to answer.

Natasha grabbed my file and quickly looked over it. Her face scrunched up as she read some of the passages.

“You had a lot of unexplained accidents in here,” She murmured before speaking up, “How did you get the cut on your arm when you were nine that required stiches?

“I-I don’t know,” I answered honestly, “I don’t even remember that at all.”

“Hmm,” Natasha hummed, “It seems that we have to look into your past a little more closely than I thought.”

The lab nurse came in and told us we could leave. Natasha rose and helped me up.

“Mr. Rogers is here to pick you Miss Swan,” the lab nurse said politely, but with little emotion, “Lay down and rest tonight. Best not to overdue it.”

I nodded making my way out the door and down the hall. Steve was there waiting for me. As soon as he noticed my condition he bolted over.

“What’s wrong?!” He said frantically looking over me quickly.

“Nothing is wrong Cap,” Natasha said firmly, “She just got nauseous when her blood was taken. She just needs to rest.”

“Good,” he breathed as his body relaxed,” I was surprised that you ordered tests. What is this about?”
“I will debrief you later. Right now this chick needs to take a nap and take it easy. She had a long day already.”

“R-Right,” Steve stammered before carefully taking me from Natasha and supporting her. He took me out to the car and secured me in the seat.

“See you later girl. You did great today.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled before falling asleep.


I heard a loud ringing noise and groaned. I shoved the pillow that was under my head to my ears.

“Make it stop,” I whined. I heard scuffling before the ringing stopped. I sighed contently turning back trying to go back to a deep sleep again.

“Hello, this is Steve.” I heard from the kitchen quietly. Several minutes later he hung up.

“What was that about?” I groggily asked from the couch.

“Your tests came in,” He said seriously, “We are going in tomorrow to discuss them.”

I have plans on where to continue it. I originally had a plot thought out before someone guessed it. Can’t have that at all! I need something fresh and new to write anyways. Hopefully this will be somewhat original. Bye Pandas!

The Adventures of Captain America and Chap


Hey pandas! This was my submission for Bertie Bott’s Superhero fest. I know it’s been awhile and I apologize. Had a busy summer and now a busy school year. Don’t worry though! I started on another chapter of Star Spangled Bella and have a Fairy Tail smut coming soon! SSB is going to be my most difficult writing because of action scenes and plot. I’m starting in a whole different direction that I originally thought it was going.

Enough of the drivel though. Enjoy the story! 


It was like any ordinary day in Brooklyn, New York. The streets were bustling with life as people went on with their busy lives. All except one, locked up in his apartment, staring at the ceiling blankly.

Steve Rogers sighed with discontent as he continued to study the ceiling like his life depended on it. His life has been dull and quite frankly, missing something. Could it be his best friend Bucky? Could very well be, but he also needed someone like him, a super soldier. None of the agents at SHIELD understood that he was still human and they walked on eggshells around him. They were careful not to upset him or tried to make him feel superior in all ways. He needed someone, anyone really, who could keep up with him. Beating Sam in a race during his daily run had grown boring when he visited. He really wanted a partner that can stand by his side and keep up with him. Sadly that was hard to come by and he wished that he wasn’t the only successful case of the serum working.

Steve never knew that in just a couple minutes, his wishes would come true.

Adventure One:

Steve looked up as soon as he heard someone at the door knocking. Grumbling he got up slowly and opened it to reveal Agent Coulson looking excited. He internally sighed that he was not in the mood for his odd fan boy chats.

“Good news Cap!” He said cheerfully, “I have something that will brighten your day!”

“I’m sorry sir, but I’m not in the mood today.” Steve said as respectfully as he could.

“I swear if you come by SHIELD real quick it would make it worth it.” He said pushing the matter.

“If you say so,” Steve said as he grabbed his coat. He shook his head before locking the door and following Coulson to his car waiting outside.

“So, what is this thing you want to show me?” Steve questioned curiously.

“Nope!” He smiled widely, “It’s a surprise!”

Steve turned his head to look out the window without saying another word. He wondered why would they go all the way to Headquarters for a surprise. Would it be another easy mission where he would take out the enemy easily or would it actually be a challenge? He wasn’t in it for the adrenaline rush, but it made him feel like he didn’t need to even try. A single swing of his shield usually took them out in two seconds. It was no contest and without reason anymore. Ever since the War ended he had no purpose to even try anymore. He was just someone’s….lapdog.

Pulling up to SHIELD all the agents filed out the car before letting him out. In an orderly fashion they escorted Steve into the building. Phil was practically walking on air as he led the group to the lab underground the building.

‘Great,” Steve thought sarcastically, ‘more tests. Thanks a lot Coulson, this surely will cheer me up.’

Reaching the final door, Phil bounced up to the door excitedly, “Here is your surprise Cap!”

Swinging the doors open dramatically they revealed….Tony Stark grinning arrogantly like usual.

“This is my surprise?” Steve said grumpily.

“Oh no Boy Scout,” Stark smirked, “I know I’m awesome, but what awaits you is down the hall.”
“Great. More suspense,” Steve groaned. He had better things to, like staring at the ceiling or counting the bricks in the neighboring apartment building. He also didn’t want to hear Stark’s ramblings about how much of a genius he is. They were friends, but he still wasn’t in the mood.

Stark babbled on about how they found an exciting find at one of the old, secret labs. Steve really didn’t care and tuned him out until he heard a bark down the hall.

“Was that a dog?” Steve questioned.

“Well yes Capsicle,” he bellowed, “Behold dogsicle!”

On a table was lying a beautiful Golden Retriever wagging his tail. It’s golden mane shone from the lights above as it started to stand proudly. Steve met the dog’s bright brown eyes and felt an instant connection. He put his hand out and allowed the dog to sniff it. The dog took his nose and nudged Steve’s hand up further the snout making him chuckle.

“Good job Cap!” Stark clapped his hands, “He like you! So now he is yours!”

“Wait, what?” Steve dropped his hand in shock.

“You heard it! We are giving you this dog!”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, we actually found him in one of my dad’s older labs where he created the serum.” Stark explained, “He was given the serum successfully and frozen after a series of tests. He was actually the reason my dad decided to go onto human testing, AKA, you.”

“Okay, so he is like me?”

“Technically no, he is a dog,” Steve rolled his eyes, “but yes. He possesses super strength and speed. We believe he may have other powers that didn’t have time to manifest before being frozen.”

One of the assistants rushed up and gave Steve a leash clumsily before running away blushing madly. He looked at the piece of leather in his hands. Did he want a dog? It certainly wasn’t what he was hoping for when wanted a challenge or an equal. He looked back at the dog again before making up his mind.

“I’ll be naming him Chapman, Chap for short.” Steve said suddenly. Stark look surprised.

“Well Cap, it looks like you are a proud dog owner!”


Adventure Two:

Steve looked down at the Golden Retriever, well Chap, below him in the leash. He looked excited to be getting outside in the first time in nearly eighty years. Well if he even realized that he was frozen for that time being. Suddenly Chap looked up at him like he was saying he knew all about it. At least he has someone to relate to about the being frozen thing, even if it was a dog.

Steve took Chap to pet store to gather his things. A girl offered immediately to help them find what they needed. He could tell she was trying to flirt, but really he wasn’t interested.

“You’re dog is like, so cute!” The girl gushed while petting Chap’s head. He looked extremely satisfied to gathering some attention.

‘You can have her boy,” Steve chuckled to himself.

They took their new items out of the store. In the bag the girl discreetly tried to put in her number at the bottom. He respectfully acted like he didn’t see it, but he will be throwing that away later. Thinking about it he didn’t ever have time for a girlfriend because of missions. How is he going to take care of a dog?!

Unexpectedly Chap let a small bark out and started running forward. He would have easily restrained any other normal dog, but he got first hand experience of his new friend’s strength. He was dragged along the sidewalk as he accidently pushed people out of the way.

“Sorry!” Steve yelled at the irate people. He needed to get a handle on this fast! He planted his heels and tried to stand ground. That was a mistake because he felt himself falling back. He landed on his back and Chap refused to stop.

“STOP CHAP!” Steve bellowed. Chap decided to listen finally and skidded to a stop, but not before having Steve collide with him and tumble into a tree. The base of the tree cracked and with the force of the enhanced dog and human, fell over into the road. Squealing tire sounds filled their ears.


Steve looked up at the disaster around him. Cars were everywhere and a luxury car hit the fallen tree head on. He groaned as the police came rushing to the scene and clambering out of their police cars.

Steve smiled sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, “Sorry?”